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HSR Trans 11: Stata für Umsteiger

Ulrich Kohler: Stata für Umsteiger. Ein Einführungskurs. HSR Trans 11 (2002).

Zum Statistikpaket Stata:

Stata, an integrated statistical package for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix, is designed for research professionals. Stata is an environment for manipulating and analyzing data using statistical and graphical methods. Stata is an integrated package – not a collection of separate modules. You can intersperse data management, statistical, and graphical commands. Stata has a broad suite of capabilities for professionals of all disciplines, including statistics for economists, political scientists, and other social scientists (including a range of panel-data models); statistics for biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and other health scientists (including a range of survival analysis models); and so on. Further informations:

Zur Datenanalyse mit Stata siehe: Kohler, Ulrich und Frauke Kreuter, 2001: Datenanalyse mit Stata. Allgemeine Konzepte der Datenanalyse und ihre praktische Anwendung. München und Wien: Oldenbourg; 416 Seiten, ISBN 3-486-25070-1.

Datensätze und Begleitmaterialien zum Buch von Kohler / Kreuter: