Historical Social Research

45.4 - Violence Induced Mobility

Special Issue – Negotiating the Aftermath of Violence Induced Mobility in the Wake of the Second World War. Rethinking Sources, Methods and Approaches from the Intersection of War and Migration Studies in the Digital Age (Christoph Rass & Ismee Tames)
  • Christoph Rass & Ismee Tames: Negotiating the Aftermath of Forced Migration: A View from the Intersection of War and Migration Studies in the Digital Age. [Abstract]
  • Henning Borggräfe: Exploring Pathways of (Forced) Migration, Resettlement Structures, and Displaced Persons’ Agency: Document Holdings and Research Potentials of the Arolsen Archives. [Abstract]
  • Filip Strubbe: A Straightforward Journey? Discovering Belgium’s Refugee Policy through Its Central Government Archives (1945-1957). [Abstract]
  • Frank Wolff: Beyond Genocide: How Refugee Agency Preserves Knowledge During Violence-Induced Migration. [Abstract]
  • Peter Romijn:“Beyond the Horizon”: Disconnections in Indonesian War of Independence. [Abstract]
  • Regina Grüter & Anne van Mourik: Dutch Repatriation from the Former Third Reich and the Soviet Union: Political and Organizational Encounters and the Role of the Netherlands Red Cross. [Abstract]
  • Jannis Panagiotidis: “Not the Concern of the Organization?” The IRO and the Overseas Resettlement of Ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe after World War II. [Abstract]
  • Sebastian Huhn: Negotiating Resettlement in Venezuela after World War II: An Exploration. [Abstract]
  • Christian Höschler: “Those People Who Actually Do the Job…” Unaccompanied Children, Relief Workers, and the Struggle of Implementing Humanitarian Policy in Postwar Germany. [Abstract]
  • Edwin Klijn: From Paper to Digital Trail: Collections on the Semantic Web. [Abstract]
  • Olaf Berg: Capturing Displaced Persons’ Agency by Modelling Their Life Events: A Mixed Method Digital Humanities Approach. [Abstract]
  • Peter Gatrell: “Negotiating Resettlement”: Some Concluding Thoughts. [Abstract]
Mixed Issue

45.3 - Social Finance/Big Data

Special Issue – Social Finance, Impact Investing, and the Financialization of the Public Interest (Eve Chiapello & Lisa Knoll)
  • Eve Chiapello & Lisa Knoll: Social Finance and Impact Investing. Governing Welfare in the Era of Financialization. [Abstract]
  • Emily Barman: Many a Slip: The Challenge of Impact as Boundary Object in Social Finance. [Abstract]
  • Antoine Ducastel & Ward Anseeuw: Impact Investing in South Africa: Investing in Empowerment, Empowering Investors. [Abstract]
  • Serena Natile: Digital Finance Inclusion and the Mobile Money “Social” Enterprise: A Socio-Legal Critique of M-Pesa in Kenya. [Abstract]
  • Jacob Hellman:Feeling Good and Financing Impact: Affective Judgments as a Tool for Social Investing. [Abstract]
  • Théo Bourgeron: Constructing the Double Circulation of Capital and “Social Impact.” An Ethnographic Study of a French Impact Investment Fund. [Abstract]
  • Davide Caselli: Did You Say “Social Impact”? Welfare Transformations, Networks of Expertise, and the Financialization of Italian Welfare. [Abstract]
  • Leslie Huckfield: The Mythology of the Social Impact Bond. A Critical Assessment from a Concerned Observer. [Abstract]
  • Manuel Wirth: Nudging Subjects at Risk: Social Impact Bonds between Financialization and Compassion. [Abstract]
Forum – Challenges for Big Data Analysis. Data Quality and Data Analysis of Analogous and Digital Mass Data (Lilli Braunisch, Malte Schweia, Peter Graeff & Nina Baur)
  • Nina Baur, Peter Graeff, Lilli Braunisch & Malte Schweia: The Quality of Big Data. Development, Problems, and Possibilities of Use of Process-Generated Data in the Digital Age. [Abstract]
  • Peter Graeff & Nina Baur: Digital Data, Administrative Data, and Survey Compared: Updating the Classical Toolbox for Assessing Data Quality of Big Data, Exemplified by the Generation of Corruption Data. [Abstract]
  • Gertraud Koch & Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda: Source Criticism of Data Platform Logics on the Internet. [Abstract]
  • Martin Weichbold, Alexander Seymer, Wolfgang Aschauer & Thomas Herdin: Potential and Limits of Automated Classification of Big Data – A Case Study. [Abstract]
  • Rainer Diaz-Bone, Kenneth Horvath & Valeska Cappel: Social Research in Times of Big Data. The Challenges of New Data Worlds and the Need for a Sociology of Social Research. [Abstract]
  • Michael Weinhardt: Ethical Issues in the Use of Big Data for Social Research. [Abstract]

45.2 - Military and Welfare State

Special Issue –Military and Welfare State: Conscription, Military Interests, and Western Welfare States in the Age of Industrialized Mass Warfare (Herbert Obinger)
Mixed Issue

45.1 - Emotion, Authority, and National Character

Special Issue – Emotion, Authority, and National Character: Historical-Processual Perspectives (Helmut Kuzmics, Dieter Reicher & Jason Hughes)
The Middle East
East Central and Southeastern Europe
Western and Central Europe
Other Regions

Suppl. 32 - Celebrity's Histories

44.4 - Entrepreneurial Groups and Entrepreneurial Families

Special Issue – Entrepreneurial Groups and Entrepreneurial Families (Isabell Stamm, Allan Discua Cruz & Ludovic Cailluet)
Forum – Unification of Divided Systems (Woo-Young Lee & Eun-Jeung Lee)

44.3 - Islamicate Secularities in Past and Present

44.2 - Governing by Numbers

Special Issue – Governing by Numbers - Key Indicators and the Politics of Expectations (Walter Bartl, Christian Papilloud & Audrey Terracher-Lipinski)


44.1 - Markets, Organizations, and Law

Special Issue – Markets, Organizations, and Law –Perspectives of Convention Theory on Economic Practices and Structures


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