46.4 - Caring in Times of a Global Pandemic / Vaccination and Society

HSR Forum – Caring in Times of a Global Pandemic. (Emma Dowling, Ayse Dursn, Syntia Hasenöhrl, Verena Kettner & Birgit Sauer)
HSR Forum – Vaccination and Society. A History from Smallpox to COVID-19 in Germany. (Malte Thießen)

Suppl. 33 - Epidemics and Pandemics

Epidemics and Pandemics – the Historical Perspective (ed. Jörg Vögele, Luisa Rittershaus & Katharina Schuler)


46.3 - Borders as Places of Control

Special Issue – Borders as Places of Control. Fixing, Shifting, and Reinventing State Borders. (Fabian Gülzau, Steffen Mau & Kristina Korte)
  • Fabian Gülzau & Steffen Mau: Walls, Barriers, Checkpoints, Landmarks, and “No-Man’s-Land.” A Quantitative Typology of Border Control Infrastructure. [Abstract]
  • Kristina Korte: Filtering or Blocking Mobility? Inequalities, Marginalization, and Power Relations at Fortified Borders. [Abstract]
  • Lena Laube: Diplomatic Side-Effects of the EU’s Externalization of Border Control and the Emerging Role of “Transit States” in Migration Diplomacy. [Abstract]
  • Ruben Zaiotti & Nafisa A. Abdulhamid: Inside Out and Outside In: COVID-19 and the Reconfiguration of Europe’s External Border Controls. [Abstract]
  • Ayelet Shachar & Aaqib Mahmood: The Body as the Border: A New Era. [Abstract]
  • Nina Amelung: “Crimmigration Control” across Borders: The Convergence of Migration and Crime Control through Transnational Biometric Databases. [Abstract]
  • Vladimir Kolosov & Maria Zotova: “De-Facto Borders” as a Mirror of Sovereignty. The Case of the Post-Soviet Non-Recognized States. [Abstract]
  • Sabine von Löwis & Gwendolyn Sasse: A Border Regime in the Making? The Case of the Contact Line in Ukraine. [Abstract] [Online Appendix]
Mixed Contribution

46.2 - Positionality Reloaded

Special Issue – Positionality Reloaded: Debating the Dimensions of Reflexivity in the Relationship Between Science and Society. (Séverine Marguin, Juliane Haus, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Antje Kahl, Cornelia Schendzielorz & Ajit Singh)
  • Séverine Marguin, Juliane Haus, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Antje Kahl, Cornelia Schendzielorz & Ajit Singh: Positionality Reloaded: Debating the Dimensions of Reflexivity in the Relationship Between Science and Society: An Editorial. [Abstract]
  • Jörg Niewöhner: Making Evidence in the Future Perfect: Provincialising Climate Impact Science in the Quest for More-Than-Human Liveability. [Abstract]
  • Hubert Knoblauch: Reflexive Methodology and the Empirical Theory of Science. [Abstract]
  • Franz Breuer: Scientific Research Activity and its Self-Reflexive Consideration. [Abstract]
  • Andreas Langenohl: Algorithmic Reflexivity: The Constitution of Socio-Technical Accountability in Financial Pricing. [Abstract]
  • Frédéric Lebaron: Geometric Data Analysis as a Tool for Reflexivity. [Abstract]
  • Stephan Gauch: The Ironic Becomings of Reflexivity – The Case of Citation Theory in Bibliometrics. [Abstract]
  • Jon Dean: Reflexivity and Its Limits in the Study of Social Inequalities. [Abstract]
  • Hella von Unger: Ethical Reflexivity as Research Practice. [Abstract]
  • Nina Baur: Decolonizing Social Science Methodology. Positionality in the German-Language Debate. [Abstract]
  • Manuela Boatcă: Counter-Mapping as Method: Locating and Relating the (Semi-)Peripheral Self. [Abstract]
  • Tanja Bogusz & Moritz Holtappels: Third Knowledge Spaces between Nature and Society: A Dialogue. [Abstract]
  • Ulrich Dirnagl, Philipp Misselwitz, Lisa Ruhrort & Dagmar Simon: Crossing Borders, Creating Together: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production. [Abstract]

46.1 - Conventions, Health and Society

Special Issue – Conventions, Health and Society – Convention Theory as an Institutionalist Approach to the Political Economy of Health. (Philippe Batifoulier & Rainer Diaz-Bone)

45.4 - Violence Induced Mobility

Special Issue – Negotiating the Aftermath of Violence Induced Mobility in the Wake of the Second World War. Rethinking Sources, Methods and Approaches from the Intersection of War and Migration Studies in the Digital Age (Christoph Rass & Ismee Tames)
Mixed Issue

45.3 - Social Finance/Big Data

Special Issue – Social Finance, Impact Investing, and the Financialization of the Public Interest (Eve Chiapello & Lisa Knoll)
Forum – Challenges for Big Data Analysis. Data Quality and Data Analysis of Analogous and Digital Mass Data (Lilli Braunisch, Malte Schweia, Peter Graeff & Nina Baur)

45.2 - Military and Welfare State

Special Issue – Military and Welfare State: Conscription, Military Interests, and Western Welfare States in the Age of Industrialized Mass Warfare (Herbert Obinger)
Mixed Issue

45.1 - Emotion, Authority, and National Character

Special Issue – Emotion, Authority, and National Character: Historical-Processual Perspectives (Helmut Kuzmics, Dieter Reicher & Jason Hughes)
The Middle East
East Central and Southeastern Europe
Western and Central Europe
Other Regions

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