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48.2 - Sleep, Knowledge, Technology

Special Issue– Sleep, Knowledge, Technology. Studies of the sleep lab, sleep tracking and beyond. (Hannah Ahlheim, Dariuš Zifonun & Nicole Zillien)
  • Julia Vorhölter: Sleeping with Strangers – Techno-Intimacies and Side-Affects in a German Sleep Lab. [abstract]
  • Dariuš Zifonun, Svenja Reinhardt & Sebastian Weste: Rescaling the Patient. The Diagnosis of Sleep-Related Problems in the Sleep Laboratory. [abstract]
  • Hannah Ahlheim & Jonathan Holst: "Masters" of Time. Chrono-Biologizing Sleep in the 20th Century. [abstract]
  • Julie Sascia Mewes: Matters of Sleep. Sleep Timing Devices Towards a "Sleep of Any Time." [abstract]
  • Mina Lunzer: Sleep as Movement/Sleep as Stillness. Colliding "Objects" at the Scientific Exhibition Dreamstage (1977). [abstract]
  • Ben Lyall and Bjørn Nansen: Redefining Rest: A Taxonomy of Contemporary Digital Sleep Technologies. [abstract]
  • Nicole Zillien, Nico Wettmann & Frederik Peper: Sleep Experiments. Knowledge Production through Self-Tracking. [abstract]
  • Diletta De Cristofaro & Simona Chiodo: Quantified Sleep: Self-Tracking Technologies and the Reshaping of 21st-Century Subjectivity. [abstract]
  • Christine Hine, Robert Meadows & Gary Pritchard: The Interactional Uses of Evidenced Sleep: An Exploration of Online Depictions of Sleep Tracking Data. [abstract]