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36.3 - Markets & Market Societies

Special Issue
Mixed Issue
HSR Vol. 36 (2011) No. 3: Special Issue: Markets and Market Societies

Klaus Nathaus & David Gilgen (Eds.): Change of Markets and Market Societies: Concepts and Case Studies.

This special issue brings together historians and sociologists working on markets, fields and market societies. Engaging with positions of the New Economic Sociology and the New Institutional Economics and applying them to the phenomenon of emerging and changing markets, the contributors take up the programmatic demand for an interdisciplinary collaboration between historians and social scientists to study socially embedded markets and the way markets shape societies.

The contributions in the first part of this issue are concerned with conceptual challenges for research into the evolution of markets in fields and the history of market societies. The second section contains case studies on the development of the market for fairly traded coffee, the electric energy exchange in Germany, the book publishing und the music industry as well as the markets for pharmaceuticals and patented innovations in the German Empire, testing the fruitfulness of mainly sociological approaches for the understanding of changing markets.